We had the pleasure of visiting Lyndhurst Infant School where we working with 54 of their pupils to create a city of Bug Houses! 

We hosted 3 sessions throughout the day, each opening with songs and poems tucked away in their wonderful wooden structure in their forest area.  The songs and poems introduced the children to all the creepy crawlies that would soon be living in their little bug houses.

I have a little spider, I'm very fond of him.
He crawls up to my shoulder, and then up to my chin.
He crawls down my arm, and then down my leg.
Now he's a tired spider, so I put him into bed.


We shifted our discussions back into the classroom where the children explored the mountains of materials we've brought for them to build their Bug Houses. We chatted about the properties of each material and why they make great homes for bugs- 'moss would make a soft bed', 'they could hide from animals that want to eat them in the rolls of newspaper'.


After carefully selecting armfuls of materials they wanted to fill their Bug Houses with, each child set away meticulously building their home, it was a bit like 3D tetris! You can learn more about how we made the initial wooden Bug House structures here.

The children we remarkably engaged, so much so the room fell silent at times which is always a good sign!

They planned their little homes with such thoughtfulness, describing where the bedroom was and how the different areas would make the bugs happy!


After the construction was complete, the children decorated their wooden houses with colours and drawings to attract the bugs.

We rounded the session off with a diary for them to take home to record who moves into their houses, plus a great deal more singing!