Adults Screen Printing Workshop!

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If you fancy having a go at screen printing, join us on 21st March at The Hive Cafe, in Hove where you can print your own tote bag, eat some delicious supper AND get a D.I.Y. kit to take home and print all sorts of stuff!

Find out more here :)

Making a rainbow blanket with Bright Moon Weaving Studio

Making a rainbow blanket with Bright Moon Weaving Studio


Tess had the pleasure of assisting the the wonderful Imogen of Brighton Moon Weaving Studio on a visit to Happy Days Nursery in Brighton, where they hosted one of Imogen's infamous weaving workshops with their pre-school class.

Together they talked about where wool comes from, sang a song about a very famous black sheep, practiced the techniques of weaving on Imogen's mini card looms.

The workshop was in celebration of Brighton Pride Festival - supporting the values of equality, inclusivity & self expression in our wonderful city! Working as a team they wove a rainbow blanket on the BIG loom! The children were very good at teamwork and learnt the techniques of weaving very quickly. By the end of the day they had a finished blanket for the story-corner.


Summer Fiesta!

You couldn't have dreamed of a more perfect day for Bilingual Primary School, Brighton & Hove's Summer Fiesta!

We thought, what better way to get in the party spirit, than with some super summery screen printed flags! We took along hundreds of plain flags plus some of our favourite summery designs and the results were simply spectacular.

I know we've said it before, but screen printing is SO COOL! Every flag was completely unique, the colour combinations were phenomenal. The pineapples, sunshines and seahorses were particularly popular. We're so inspired Tess is going to print her Dad a pineapple shirt for his Birthday.

The school was hoping to raise £11,400 for a much needed playground, and we've just heard they exceeded their target! We hope the donations from our flag making helped you get one step close to your new playground 🌻 

Did you notice our fab new aprons? Hand-crafted by Tess of course! 

Did you notice our fab new aprons? Hand-crafted by Tess of course! 

We're hitting the road!

Well sort of, we're going to Hove Park!

If you're looking for something to do with your Sunday, pop along and see us at the Summer Fiesta! The weather is looking to be fabulous- we can't wait!

We'll be helping you to screen print your own Fiesta themed flags :)

It's free of charge but we will be taking donations for the Bilingual Primary School who are hoping to raise enough to get themselves a playground.

Hove Park from 11am - 5pm tomorrow, see you there!

We're feeling all warm and fuzzy

If you've been following our story for a while now you may have noticed Vivienne Morpeth Feltmaker (our partner in crafty crime and specialist in all things woolen and felty) has been taking our sheep cards on the road with her.

Their latest adventure was to WoolFest where Vivienna won an award for all round loveliness! We couldn't think of a more worthy recipient ❤️

Bug Houses with Lyndhurst Infant School


We had the pleasure of visiting Lyndhurst Infant School where we working with 54 of their pupils to create a city of Bug Houses! 

We hosted 3 sessions throughout the day, each opening with songs and poems tucked away in their wonderful wooden structure in their forest area.  The songs and poems introduced the children to all the creepy crawlies that would soon be living in their little bug houses.

I have a little spider, I'm very fond of him.
He crawls up to my shoulder, and then up to my chin.
He crawls down my arm, and then down my leg.
Now he's a tired spider, so I put him into bed.


We shifted our discussions back into the classroom where the children explored the mountains of materials we've brought for them to build their Bug Houses. We chatted about the properties of each material and why they make great homes for bugs- 'moss would make a soft bed', 'they could hide from animals that want to eat them in the rolls of newspaper'.


After carefully selecting armfuls of materials they wanted to fill their Bug Houses with, each child set away meticulously building their home, it was a bit like 3D tetris! You can learn more about how we made the initial wooden Bug House structures here.

The children we remarkably engaged, so much so the room fell silent at times which is always a good sign!

They planned their little homes with such thoughtfulness, describing where the bedroom was and how the different areas would make the bugs happy!


After the construction was complete, the children decorated their wooden houses with colours and drawings to attract the bugs.

We rounded the session off with a diary for them to take home to record who moves into their houses, plus a great deal more singing!

Behind the scenes of making Bug Houses

Behind the scenes of making Bug Houses


We've been super busy this week making not one, not ten but 55 wooden Bug Houses for an upcoming workshop at Lyndhurst Infant School.

As you may know we both studied Sculpture at the University of Brighton, so we're pretty comfortable with woodwork, and were very excited for the opportunity to get back into the workshop!


We're encouraging the children to focus on recycling and the environment during the workshop so it's only fitting to use recycled materials for the Bug House frames.

A pallet and a discarded futon base have proved to be the winning finds so far.



We teamed up with our Sculpture friend Nicola and together we've sawed, drilled and sanded over two hundred pieces of wood - now all we have to do is collect the moss and sticks to pack the houses with!