Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage experimentation, questioning and innovation in young learners - as it is these thought processes that pave the way for the inventors, the creative problem solvers, the scientists - and above all, the progressors of our future.

We hope to help them fulfill their potential, armed with the confidence that these skills can help them change the world.


Imagination allows our young learners to think beyond reality and conjure up innovative ideas and solutions, providing them with the skills to overcome not only everyday problems, but also the future challenges of our ever-changing world. We use imaginative play as a platform upon which children can begin to learn about historical events, empathise and understand different cultures and people they will never meet. It is an essential tool to help them discover and explore the world that surrounds them. 

WHY make?

We know that exploration and discovery aid cognitive development and decision making. We also know that making helps children establish finely tuned motor skills, as well as encouraging imagination and 3D thinking. We might as well make the most of the opportunities that arts provides and get these young learners challenging themselves and being the driving factor behind their learning.

WHy Play?

Children play, given the chance it’s  all they want to do, it's’ what they enjoy and it’s how they learn best. We believe that incorporating the arts in education captures young learners desires for play and allows for a very physical, visual and inclusive learning experience.  It forms bridges between creative and academic success; equipping young people with a non-verbal, non-written language which they can use to explore their ideas, questions and form opinions. 




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Tess Lari

Cofounder / Queen of all crafts / Felting extrodinare

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Hazel Stephenson

Cofounder / Potter / Geography enthusiast

Tess and Hazel grew up in the North East of England and both have fond memories of making from a young age; creating models in plasticine, sewing with grandparents and making ridiculously over the top  birthday cards.

They have since relocated to Brighton to study Sculpture at the University of Brighton, leaving behind them a trail of sticky fingers prints, paper cuttings and a treasured collection of objects that still remain in their childhood homes. They are both practicing artists based in Brighton, qualified to degree level with first aid training, DBS certificates and their own public liability insurance. 


Tess wearing her Gold art medal, by Mr Samuel.

TESS specialises in mixed media textiles.

She is part of the organisation StArt where she helps to make art more accessible to young people. Through this organisation she has assisted a range of artists who develop fun and exciting ways to engage young people, ranging from making giant willow creations to hilarious sock puppet plays, all the time using the children's imagination to guide their own creations.

Alongside this work she volunteers for the charity Over The Wall- a charity that helps children with life limiting illness and their families discover a world of new possibilities. Tess works as part of the team that supports the children though their stay, as well as running drama and art activities. The most integral part to all the work she has done is to engage, encourage and support a fun learning environment where children can discover their own potential.  She currently works as a part-time nanny for two wonderful little boys. The youngest, who prefers to go by his artist name Mr Samuel, created our rather fantastic portraits!



Her love for clay begun at the age of 9 on her little plastic potters wheel. She continued to work with clay all the way through school and into further education.  Through this Hazel realised how exciting and intriguing this material can be and how it can benefit young people- creating fun opportunities to learn 3D thinking using this wonderfully tactile material.

Hazel is a practicing ceramicist with a particular passion for science, geography and archeology. She likes to explore why things do the things they do, and enjoys the process almost as much as the final product.

She’s currently managing local creativity hub, The Painting Pottery Cafe- where alongside other businessy things she teaches all sorts of clay making skills, throwing on the potter's wheel and painting pieces too. She thoroughly enjoys leading, planning and structuring workshops with the aim of creating an environment where the the technical elements of ceramics meets fun playful making. 
Hazel is also a STEM ambassador which has given her the opportunity to work with young people encouraging them to actively and enjoyably engage with science and technology

Hazel wearing her silver art medal, by Mr Samuel